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Troubleshooting for Installing the TC2000 Ver 20:

Hi everyone,

Few traders had some problems in upgrading to the new TC2000 Ver20. It is important to use this version because all the new layouts are based on the improvements that are made in Ver20. If you are already using Ver20 then you can skip this blog.

It turned out that Ver20 is still a beta version of the TC2000 platform, so you need to choose "always run Beta without asking" in the system setting on the tools menu.

Other suggestions from the TC2000 help desk:

If you have that set correctly please perform the following steps: 

1. Close the TC2000 program 2. Right click on TC2000 icon on your desktop

3. Select open file location

4. Right click 'StartSettings.dat' and select 'Delete' 5. Do the same thing with v16 and v16newlive folders

6. Reopen program

If you need further assistance you can contact the TC2000 support at:

Once Ver20 is installed properly you need to go to the downloads page again and get the layouts so they will work fine.

If you have any questions then please let me know.



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