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HF & ATR Fishing

I added two new layouts.

The HF Fishing: Is a clean layout with chart to be used in the streaming mode, for the beginning of the session, in order to quickly scan for HF movers.

The ATR Fishing: Is a clean layout with chart to be used later in the day in streaming mode, to find movers. It is not possible to take the HF calculation of the daily timeframe and put it into usage in intraday timeframes. But when we use the open of the day there is no problem to use it. So for the middle of the day I had to choose another signal for scanning the movers, and I decided to use the ATR140 (of 3min bars, which is like 7 hours) * 4 and see if the stocks made that move from the high or the low of the last 5 bars (15min).

You can see videos of using both layouts in the videos page.

The layouts are available for download in the downloads page.

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