Feb 21:

ARK layouts (updated for holdings on Feb 12th 2021).


NDX layouts for ARK ETFs.


Daily Movers Scanner.

Dec 20:

Updated RLFF layout for Ver20

With the ability to move to other timeframes.

October 20:

Updated Swing layouts:

Swing before (to use before session starts) for Ver20 with the ability to scan for the swing systems in other timeframes (for example H/W/M). So now you can get 5 weeks down or 5 month down also, or Dojis and WO for other time frames.

Make sure you are not in the pre-market data mode.

Swing Ver20 to be used during the session.

Bug fixed in the WO (wash-out) system.


Forex layouts:

Eric's FX 4 time frames D/W (with Heiken-Ashi). Filters for Long Fx & Short Fx.

Eric's Fx 4-T multi time frames with ability to choose other time frames (with the Long/Short filters separated for must/bias).

4-time FX with check for 2 ATR14 move in the last 5 bars.

FX main for 6 major pairs & another you choose with ATR check.

ATR fishing Fx. with Z3 check & 2 ATR14 move in the last 5 bars for any timeframe.

Baby Dragon:

Added a template chart with baby dragon included.


The Supported Spring Crossing SSC (for Harsh Winter & Regular).

The Supported Fall Crossing SFC (for Warm Summers & Regular).


The Chameleon Indicator.


RL10 with 8 colors

(for the macd & the Zscore of the MACD).

Now implemented into all the new ver20 layouts. 



Ver20 Updates with RL10 colored charts & Psar of RL10. 

This update is for traders that found it difficult to time link the charts to the tables when changing charts, and to change the Psar to the RL10.

(layouts 20.2 for Owl, CD, MACD, Owl Scan, CD Scan, ATR Fishing & the RL10 colored chart template).

May20: Ver20 Updates

The new Owl/CD/MACD/ATR Fishing with the ability to move from one time-frame to another.

The new OWL/CD Scans with Flex condition (must pass in order).

New Charts with Colored bars for the MACD seasons (price/rl10).

New Pre/Post market Layout.

ATR Fishing Ver20.2 with colored RL10.


Added the new Owl & CD scans for 3 min (Psar flip &Unambiguous move &RLCO &RLXD and Dragon slope & RL30 slope).

Added the Z-score layouts (Symbol Z score and the Vix vrs. Symbol Z-score).

Added the MACD 1D Z-score Layout.

Added the 1D Overbought/Oversold RSI levels scanner with a Psar flip.

Created a Tutorials page (will continue to add more short tutorials of how to use the layouts).


Added the new HF fishing layout (including BO of yesterday's H/L and open in the yellow zone).

Added the GDX/SLV/GLD layout.

Added Owl&CD layouts with Psar flip scans.

(New video of these features is on the videos page).

Dec 19:

Added a video on how to browse major finance sites for active symbol & how to view heatmap of any watchlist.

New page: Case Studies.

Nov 19 : 


New BMR layouts  (ETF13,22,32,dow30,Sector SPDRs, ETF Max).

Updated layouts with conditions for using the Live Streaming Scans for Z3BO & HF.

Added Ken's Swing MACD layout.

Added HF Fishing(for first min of session) & ATR Fishing(later in the day: for last 5 bars on 3min chart) layouts.

Added layouts for Owl/CD/MACD for other timeframes (1m,3m,5m,15m,1H,4H,1D).